@article{Chacarolli Júnior_Fortes_2020, title={Growth and instability of the 1992/93 - 2016/17 soybean crops in the main producing states of Brazil}, volume={1}, url={https://revista.ipecege.org.br/quaestum/article/view/536}, DOI={10.22167/2675-441X-20200536}, abstractNote={<p>The expansion of world demand for food and energy has<br />resulted in increased agricultural yields and production. Soybean<br />production, specifically, is among the economic activities that have<br />shown significant growth at national and global levels in recent decades.<br />In this context, policymakers and other agents involved in the soybean<br />production chain must pay careful attention to the instability with which<br />yield and production increases occur over time. Therefore, the objective of<br />this study was to evaluate this instability and growth in soybean planted<br />area, production, and yield in the main producing states of Brazil over<br />the 1992/93 to 2016/17 crops. We measured instability by applying the<br />Cuddy-Della Valle index and growth rates calculated using a log-linear<br />regression with post decomposition analysis. We observed that all<br />variables, in all states, presented a tendency of growth—particularly that<br />of planted area, which was the main production-defining element. We<br />additionally found low levels of instability for planted area, production,<br />and yield in most analyzed regions.</p>}, journal={Quaestum}, author={Chacarolli Júnior, Osvaldo and Fortes, Priscila}, year={2020}, month={Oct.}, pages={1–10} }